Custom Pose Needed! 💌

I need a custom pose for two of my children ;3

I’ve have been looking for an art shop everywhere and I can’t seem to find ones that are open or that do custom poses. Would really appreciate somebody coming through w/ this!

The pose is fairly simple;

something along the lines of this


The characters:

my babies

character #1:
body: female soft
hair: long half up ponytail
hair color: cool dark brown
eye color: brown deep
eye shape: delicate almond
face shape: heart defined
skin color: neutral 03
eyebrow: straight medium
eyebrow color: dark brown
nose: round button
lips: small heart
lip color: rose matte
character #2
body: female plus size
hair: dreads braided
hair color: auburn brown
eye color: brown black
eye shape: heavy lid upturned
face shape: round puffy cheek
skin color: neutral 05
eyebrow: arched short
eyebrow color: deep brown
nose: round button wide
lips: thin heart
lip color: blood orange matte


character #1:
Screenshot 2021-01-28 at 11.01.41 AM
character #2:

background preferably white!

thank u so much :(((((( :blob_hearts:

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You can scroll through my examples here :point_down: then request if you like them and if you want me to do it.

is it alright if I just get the pose without any background? I am planning on editing the background myself, I just need the pose. Of course, I will credit you for the pose!

Also, what do we click in the form when we want a custom pose?