Custom pose shop fr 🥶🤝 NOW OPEN!

I appreciate dude :handshake:

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OH wait I forgot the tats omg I can add them if you still want me to

yes please!

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i didn’t know where the arm tat was supposed to be but here you go!

bye because OMG I LOVE THIS!

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Character Deets

Outfits : Black dressy crop top and Music Video sparkle Black Tights for girl ; Ripped punk pants and Rectangular thin glasses for boy

Pose Reference

The girl will be looking at the camera.

omg I wish I could do that but it looks so difficult :tired_face: , do you have another one? im so sorry bro

hey! here you go, let me know if i need to change anything!

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It’s okay. I will send you another one.

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Hey, omg I’m sorry for not mentioning the expression!

Could you please remove the pilot hat, and make the image transparant png?

The emotion is good!

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the quality sucks bc I had to use the portal for the outfit and the portal has ass quality but here you go!

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Babe, this is perfect! Thank you very much. How should I credit you? With your forum name? Or IG?

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Hiya, I’d like to request another custom pose please!! :pleading_face: :heart: :dizzy:

Girl Character:
Body: Defaut Girl Ink Body , Olive

Brow: Seductive arch; Default

Hair: Beach Wave Hair; Fawn

Eyes: Upturned Feline; brown

Face: Oval

Nose: Soft natural

Lips: Full round; taupe

  • Male Character:

Body: Male,Honey

Brow: Thin arch; Black

Hair: Generic short hair; Fawn
((I’ll show a picture if I got this details wrong))

Eyes: Stoic Almond ;blue

Face: Square Jaw

Girl Clothes

Boy clothes



If it’s too hard feel free to tell me and I’ll get another pose!! thanks xx

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…do you do LL?

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hey girl! im afraid I probably won’t be able to do that pose and if I did it would look like shit :confused:. if there anything else I could do?

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i can try!

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Ahaha! I’ll get another pose, it’s ok!


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ok i can try that! im doing something Rn but I’ll get to it as soon as I’m done

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Sure tyvm!!

well… i’ll take the offer… but if you can’t thats cool


Nevaeh’s details
body: Female Generic Body, rose 10
brow: Straight Medium, deep brown
hair: Medium Shoulder Curly Bun Hair, black dark
eye: Round Medium, hazel dark
face: Diamond
nose: Round Downturned
lips: Small Heart, gold deep gloss

more like the second one where the head is down but also like the first one’s pose

sorry if you can’t do this lol

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