Custom pose shop fr 🥶🤝 NOW OPEN!

ooh that looks cool I will definitely try! I will start as soon as I finish the one above you!

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thank you!

perfect! thanks!

Girl Details

Skin: Tan
Eyebrows: Thin Soft Arch
Hair: Straight (chestnut)
Eyes: Upturned Feline (White)
Face Shape: Oval
Nose: Eleven
Mouth: Full Round (Terracotta)

Boy Details

Skin: Light
Eyebrows: Thin Arch
Hair: Short Cropped (Fawn)
Eyes: Stoic Almond (Green)
Face Shape: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Mouth: Uneven (Blush)

Extra: Could you add freckles to him ?? Thanks


Ok so could they be positioned like this with the boys arms wrapped around her:

But instead of the girl flipping us off, could you have her kind of holding her hand out (like she was a waitress carrying a plate) with nothing in it?? I’m going to edit something in later (if that’s ok haha)

Facial Expressions

Ok, could you have the girl winking at the camera with a smile? (preferably not with the mouth shape that goes with the wink animation haha - it looks weird to me idk)

And could the boy have one eyebrow cocked with a smile? (I couldn’t find a reference photo for this – but kind of like a cocky facial expression)

I feel so high maintenance :joy: If you want me to change anything or need me to clarify anything, just let me know! Thanks!

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oooh yeah! I can do this! but just wanna let you know that when I use the portal to make outfits and screenshot the characters the quality looks horrible, I’m gonna try and enhance it as much as I can tho!

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haha that’s fine! I can clean it up a bit if need be.

Thank you so much!! :heart:

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hey so for the arm that’s out which one do you like better?

image image

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could you do the first one? (on the left?)

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girl I’m sorry I really tried but it looks horrifying, the quality and the arm just sitting there :grimacing:. I’m gonna try and clean it up I just wanted to show u how bad it looks

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im going to have to make the outfits on the portal which will absolutely destroy the quality. if you don’t care about the outfits that much I can find something similar on Amanda’s EA :grimacing: ?

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Yes, pleaseeee :joy: idrm abt the fits xx

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my insta is @kenziewritess ! and I’m glad you like it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is looks great!! If you can clean it up that would be fantastic but if you can’t thats ok too


I really love it though :heart_eyes:

I’m gonna make an EA so I can get the quality right so it’ll have to be done tomorrow :handshake:

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hey did you ever find a new one?

I did a regular one and one with nose highlights idk why lmao. let me know if anything needs to be changed!

Hey can I request four custom poses? Its really 2 poses with two varying facial expressions if that makes sense :sweat_smile:
I’d like for these two characters to be hugging ( her arms around his neck and everything.) I’d like for two poses to be from the guy’s face POV and two of them from the girl’s POV if that makes sense. I’d like for one of each of the poses to have their faces be happy/smirking and the other to be a little annoyed. I hope I explained this correctly.


CDC credit to @/blackmeow20 /details]


Harmony: baggy purple heart sweater, slouchy socks (black), white see through shorts (olive)

  • Can Harmony’s hair be changed to Styled Corn Rows
    Blade: lady rose tattoo, grey swim trunks, beach sandals, muscle tank blue

Thanks in advance and lmk if there are any questions.

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hey im gonna do this one tomorrow when I make an EA for custom poses (that way I can use the outfits you guys want without the quality going to shit) so I hope that’s okay.

is this correct for the pov?

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That’s fine, :relaxed: I’m still coding the rest of the scene so no rush at all.
Yes, I’d like two of those: one where she’s smiling and one where she’s slightly annoyed.
And then the same thing but with the guy’s face showing.

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