Custom pose suggestions for cover?

So I’ve decided to do my cover for my story, but I’m not sure what pose to do., So I’d like some suggestions! Here is the story blurb to maybe give you an idea-


When Hillridge is hit with bombs, the only survivor is Zara. Waking up 50 years later, she discovers the town, and the whole world has been destroyed. But is she the only survivor?

Possible help?
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Sorry if you didnt wanna be tagged- I just need some suggestions :joy:


Hmmmm, what about Zara looking around with something in her hand?

hmm. like what? In the story she obvi has powers xD

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:joy: hmm maybe have powers in one hand have her holding a map or something in the other? :woman_shrugging:

hmmm :thinking:

Im thinking of having her have a power thingy in one hand, but I have no idea what to do with the other hand-

Maybe she could hold a crystal ball in the other hand with memories „in“ there…
But idk

How does this look?



Are these good? Note: They are all different characters but it’s just as a pose for one right?

or (as a girl)

or (possibly)

If you can only see the top half: They will go into full size if you click on them.

I would say have one hand holding her power while the other is on her hip or something xD

These are the covers for my new story that im currently making, these should give you and idea if your doing a horror story!?

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I would recommend the poses that come under primp or flirt

I hope this helped you!!

You should put ur water mark on it so nobody steals it :persevere:

Ooooo maybe make the pose about your theme of the story if that makes sense :rofl:

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