Custom Text Help (maybe it's an overlay? lmao)

Hello! So i’m about to start coding for my story and I really love the titles/custom front that the author of “My Alien Lover” uses and a few other authors.

Anyway, I was thinking of making my own with my own font on photoshop but I’m not sure what code to use, if that makes sense? Also to make it zoom out of frame and all that fancy stuff (advance directing)
I hope i’m making sense lmao

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people usually use splashes and/or animated infros.

Splash is custom background whith all the text in in. So it is often static or maximally you can make zooms.

Or you can use the text as an overlay, which gives you a possibility to animate it too.

SPLASH - you create in photoshop and save it as jpg and upload it as a custom background - do you know how to do this?

OVERLAY - you create an overlay in photoshop and save it as png and upload it as a custom overlay - do you know how to do this?

Animating overlays is advanced stuff - in detil explained here:

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Thank you !

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Incase you need some fonts

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