Custom variables without input?

For example, at the story start I’d have a dating preference males females both neither etc, except I want it to change the genders of a few of the characters so that it’s majority female, majority male, both, etc, which I sort of know how to do, but I want to know if it’s possible to set variables without it being a choice, for example setting the character’s pronouns so that I could use [NAME_PRONOUN] for a LI or whatever without changing entire dialogue bubbles, is this possible or do I have to change whole parts of the script?

This isn’t possible as far as I know… but I think I understand where you’re going!

Here’s an example from my one story where I allow the reader to choose their love interest’s gender:

(Wow, ___ is kinda cute!)

Choice (HE)
“he” {

} “she” {


So whenever I put [HE] into my code, it would show as “he” or “she” depending on the reader’s choice! You could technically do this for all pronouns if you’d like. This is much easier than doing an if/else statement each time-- instead, just one line of dialogue like this:

[LOVE INTEREST] told me [HE] likes sports

To the reader it looks like:
Alexa told me she likes sports

Or whatever the selected variables might be :blush:

I hope this helps!

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Oh. I’ve gotta figure out some convenient ways to do that that’s so annoying. Ugh.

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