Customisation buttons

would these look good in a story or do I need something more vibrant?
if you do like them which one would you use.
the story is a murder mystery

  • Button 1
  • Button 2
  • Button 3
  • Button 4
  • Button 5
  • something different

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also if you have any examples please feel free to share :stuck_out_tongue:

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The second one kind of reminds me of Harry Potter lol.


How’s this?


I think button 2 gives a little mystery vibe, but u could use something different. Something like a ghostly buttons with a fog or like a nacy drew of vibe.

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ooh I like that idea

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Thank you I like that one too I’m still having a play around with some ideas but can I use if I can’t come up with anything? :slight_smile:

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Sure! Would you like me to add a button behind the text?

I don’t mind :slight_smile: just throwing some ideas around at the moment :wink:

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Here you are:


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