Customisation dillema! Opinions please!



Hello lovely people :grin:

I’m aware this has been asked many times but I would love your input.
I plan on entering the Fantastical contest however I am struggling with whether or not to include customisation.
I do not want to give full customisation because:

  • I want to keep my story diverse.
  • Certain characteristics are important to the story.

Things like eye shape, nose shape e.t.c aren’t important so readers could change them to suit their preference. I was wondering…
Would you prefer a story with limited customisation or no customisation at all? And why?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Limited Customisation
  • No Customisation

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You could add hijab.


I prefer limited customization because it maintains the charm and personality of the character.


I do not mind either way, but limited customization can be nice for hairstyles and the like.


I don’t really care about customization, but a lot of readers do. A story with CC has usually more chance to get reads because readers feel more connected to the character, just because he/she looks the way they imagined.


I honestly hadn’t even thought about a hijab choice :thinking:

I’m unsure whether it would work with the MC but I’m going to look through my notes now that you’ve mentioned it.


The reads aspect is what made me question customisation as it is a contest based partly on reads.

Unfortunately, because of my story I can’t offer full CC as eye colour and skin tone are important.


I don’t think limited CC would reduce your chances :slightly_smiling_face: It’s understandable that you need to stick with certain characteristics depending on the story.



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