CUSTOMISATION: Drop-down menu skin disorders

A few days ago I found out I had livedo reticularis. A bit of knowledge on that: a vasospastic (meaning blood flow varies in areas) skin condition which is often hereditary and appears in Fitz-Patrick type 1 or very light-skinned people. Don’t be afraid to ask me about any of this.

There are other commonly seen skin variants such as vitiligo, or red bumps on the face or skin. Even freckles or very bad acne would be appreciated. There are others where the skin is spotty or veiny. What I want is a varied drop-down menu under the skin colors for ink and limelight so you can choose, instead of adding additional colors, a special skin variant. It would be cool to have these on the face etc. because vitiligo can be present in the hair.


Moved to Writer’s Portal Features since this sounds like something you’d put in the script as a customization. :wink:

:thinking: I’m not sure if you mean the actual episode script itself, or the character customisation?

This sounds really useful. I support this

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I figured character customization. Like when you go to add the different features available for the character, this would be in there as another section along with hair, skin, eyes, ect. :thinking:

Though now that I think about it again, maybe you’d need two features. One to add the menu in to the script, and another to add the feature to art + animations in order to have the features added to the menu. If that makes sense? :wink:

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Ah, I see. I was thinking just CC, but that does make sense.


I support this!

Definitely supporting this!

Support! Not everyone has perfect skin.

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It’s our imperfections that make us perfect, though :blush: :wink:


Yup, so that’s why we need variations. My skin isn’t in the episode customization template. It’s a bit tanned and looks like one picture you posted. I support this! :grin::grin:

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Michael Jackson had vitiligo - Fun fact!


That’s cool, I didn’t know that :blush:

Yup. It started showing in the 80s.

I think that this is a feature request, not a CC Template.

Not a template just another thing for character creation :slight_smile:


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And support

Support! :heart: