Customisation error: this item doesn't exist

whenever I try to allow readers to customise the character they will be playing as, I save and then an error appears saying for example: “No eyebrows called Medium Angled exists” and it appears whether I write it myself or copy a template. ALSO I am using the correct templates and names for the type of story I am creating (e.g INK, LIMELIGHT.
Can anyone explain why it isn’t working? It happens with all kinds of personalisation features such as eyebrows, eyes, hair and more.

Did you try to cut out this part and paste again?

I have no idea why but when I’m helping other people, I have the same errors and sometimes the cutting part is helping also sometimes waiting a few minutes or even hours just to save again without any errors. :roll_eyes:

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hey, I tried to cut some lines out and paste again, multiple times, yet it still says the same problem :roll_eyes: :triumph: :joy:

are you changing your character name while you’re doing that? :smiley:

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yes, along with a few other things such as deleting the other options to hopefully make it easier, yet nothing will work still :confused:

Hey there, if you’re still having problems let me know. I may have actually found out how to fix that error.

i’m having the exact same problem as them. do you mind sharing what you know about fixing it?

Sure. First I’m going to ask what the error says. (i.e Defined Natural does not exist).

Check if you spelled the character name and capitalise it correctly. If you didn’t, then correct it and the error should be fixxed

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I’m having the same problem but it doesn’t have anything to do with spelling and i have no idea what to do.

This helped out. Silly me, forgot to add the character’s name :joy::revolving_hearts:

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