Customisation help

I need a customization template to add into my story. I’ve had a look at @Dara.Amarie and her templates but when ever I copy and pate them in, it says that none of the eyebrow shapes, face shapes, etc. don’t exist. I’ve double-checked and she has definitely put them as INK customizations (yes before you ask the story is in INK). Can anyone help?

Read this:

Thx soooo much - I realised what I did wrong!

No problem :wink: :black_heart:

Now I have a new problem (God customization hates me so much) - apparently I have a brace imbalance? And this is to do with the hair color. I don’t see the problem… help?

@JemU776 Would you mind helping again? :sweat: (I totally understand if you can’t)

Can you post the part that’s giving you the error? (As a screenshot or you can copy and paste it here or PM it to me)

Here x

OK, remove the ghttps : // bla bla bla whatever else it says on line 1038 (remove all of it) and then write goto hairDye1 in place of it

Thank youuuuu

No problem again :laughing::black_heart:

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