Customised Loading Screens for Your Stories (Taking Requests)

I’m still making these for now. I feel like not many people want these so I may take a break on these. If you want on list your characters details and outfit. Comment if you want a black or white background. Also list where they stand and they way they face and any other additional details. I’ll also nake them the right size (640×1136).

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Can she please stand centre screen facing right.

Skin: Neutral 04

Hair: Long Double Dutch Braids (aqua grey)

Mouth: Full heat pouty (pink warm matte)

Eyes: Monolid Slender (brown light)

Nose: Round broad

Eyebrows: Arched thin (black/jet)

Thank you, this is awesome what you are doing!

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Do you want the black or white bg?

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White background please!

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Thank you it is amazing! :grinning: :grin:

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