Customising Family in a story

Hi everyone, I was wondering if you could help me. How do you all customise family in your stories. I thought about possibly customising one family I have (its only 4 people) and then having the LI as a limited customisation so that his family won’t look too different from him. What do you think?

I’ve heard though that some people use the @CHARACTER becomes @MAIN command, if you do that, what do you do for the family members who are of a different gender?

I know about this, that wasn’t my question, but thank you.


Thank you, I’ll take a look x

So, I’ve got two families in my story that will be featuring heavily:

  1. The main character’s family is her, her sister, mom and dad.

  2. The LI’s family is him, 1 brother 2 sister and his parents.

Do you think its ok if I do the main character’s family with the becomes command and have her dad incorporated into the customisation and then only do the LI and customise his family as we meet them because I’m finding it difficult enough to add in 1 character to the customisation let alone 3?

You only need to add just 1 opposite gender family member to the template.

So for the MC, you would only need to add the dad to the colors of the cc template. The sister and mom you would use the becomes.

And for the LI, you just need to add just one of the female family members. So if you add the mom, then you can have the 2 sisters become the mom and just change their other features to whatever you want. And then the dad also becomes the LI.


Oh ok, that makes sense, thank you :blush:

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