Customizable Characters

Hello everyone so im having a little trouble and was hoping i could get some help, so i started this story on my android device but i love he better options on the computer and i am have trouble with the custom characters for my readers, so im not getting any error messages its when i preview the story its only showing customizing for the first character and not the other? how do i get it to go to the next character without just going to the next scene? also when i was trying to do 1 female and 2 males it was giving me a hard time with warning duplicate label , Is there a resolution to this so i can let my readers customize both the males in my story?

same I made a thread about it

To customize more than one of the same gender in a single chapter, you have to use different labels. If you use @Dara.Amarie’s templates, she has multiple for making more people. (If you click on it, you’ll see what I mean.)

It dosen’t work for me

Did you replace all of the character names with the name of your character? It should work then.

I did it but it didn’t work so I gave up

This is @Dara.Amarie’s template. All I did was replace the name with JAYLA. Make sure to credit Dara Amarie if you use it.


OMG thank you so much

Thank you all so much