Customization and episode preview is not working

For the past months I suffer a bug. The preview is not working! Either when I customize the characters and when I try to preview the done episode. I don’t know what can I do. I’m new and I wanted to start my first story, but I can’t because of that. I would appreciate if you would help :slight_smile:

Hello @awwdaniela, this is Sydney the moderator. Sorry to hear about your issue, I’d suggest submitting a help ticket to the support team. :smiley:

Okay. Thank you very much!

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Have u tried to refresh your page?

Log out of your account, then log back in, then refresh, then go to your script and do the preview again. If it doesnt work, then something is wrong.

Yeah. I tried cleaning cash ,logging out, turning my computer off, but nothing helped, so I submitted a help ticket to the support team. I hope it will helps! Anyway, thank u very much for responding!

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I submitted a help ticket. But I have a question. Did i have to be signed in? Because I submitted it without singing in and from my phone. Does that change anything? Or do I have to sign in and submit again?

You should fine submitting it without being signed in. I don’t think that affects how they see the ticket when they receive it. :wink: So long as you provided all the necessary information required on the ticket, you should be good. :grin:

Okay :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks! :blush:

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for some reson anytime I go to make a new character it wont let me change their looks I can change their clothes but not their hair or hair color and ect. I have tries refreshing the page, loging out and back in, and even making a new episode nothing work and I don’t know what to. I really want to change how some of my side characters look.

I have the same problem. It’s been happening since March

so i wrote this help ticket and i suggest u to do the same :slight_smile: i described my problem and then i got an email from Episode community member (or smth like that) asking me to describe it more directly. i sent an email with all the information they needed, but i didn’t get a response for a long time, but i’ve been getting an emails from just Episode (not the same that sent me an email earlier) with some links, but they’re kinda different from the help ticket. I can send u those links if u need them :smile: actually i think that those may be more helpful

yeah, same :frowning: i can’t solve it for months now and now i tried everything and i get much help. Thanks to Episode! have u written a help ticket?

Yeah, I did at the beginning of this year. Still no luck

I can give u another link that Episode sent me privately. Idk if it will help but it looks kinda different from a help ticket. It has more information that could help. I’m very sorry about your problem cause atm I’m suffering the same and it’s not cool.

I had a similar issue. And ended up being the browser I was using. Maybe try a different one from the one you’re using currently?

I’m using Chrome rn. Which one did u switch to? Btw tysm for replying :heart:

I switched to chrome. But safari worked very well for me too. It was safari that didn’t agree lol

I tried safari and chrome , but neither of them didn’t work. It’s all right on my phone i dunno why it doesn’t work on my computer.