Customization back to default glitch?

So in my story the readers can customize the MC. I decided I wanted to ‘know’ their natural lip color and hairstyle for raw scenes such as shower or sleeping.
So in the latest chapter I added a scene at the beginning where they get to choose these. But no to mess with the customization I created an extra character for that.
The idea was that first the character would have to become MC so that they look alike. Then the reader chooses lip color and hairstyle. And then when the needed scene comes, the MC becomes the extra character.

But for some readers the customized MC got back to default at the beginning of the chapter and I don’t know why…? It’s not like it’s complicated directing it’s just 1 command. It looks like this:

@MC RAW becomes MC
@MC RAW walks to …
Choose natural lip color and hairstyle:
@MC RAW changes mouthColor to …
and so on
@MC becomes MC RAW
@MC changes into naked

Could that be a glitch? Has anyone else experienced this? Or did I mix up the ‘becomes’ commands? When I tested it on my phone (I completely changed the MC’s looks to see) it worked as should…

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I actually know your story and read your latest chapter and experienced the same thing. I’m not sure why, your code sounds correct.

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I literally tested it 5 times now and it works fine on my phone… It has to be a glitch.
Thanks for the response :tulip:

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Hmm… it might be because the readers never fully CC MC RAW. Do you know if they’re seeing the default CC after the first “becomes” command or the second? Like, do they see the default CC when they are choosing the hair + lips, or during the shower scene?

If it’s during the shower scene, I’d suggest just using MC RAW instead of turning MC into MC RAW.

Well, they wouldn’t have to CC the MC RAW bc of the ‘becomes’ command.
They’re seeing the default character at the very beginning where they get to choose the hair and lips.

@Dara.Amarie @Farah_DeSantis

So, I had this problem with The Lake. I created a default MC for the MC to turn back into after fixing hair and makeup for balls. Unfortunately, it glitched for a lot of people and I ended up removing it all together because of so many people having the issue.
The problem is with using the becomes command on an already changed character, meaning.
If MC1 becomes MC2, then you change MC2, you can’t then use MC2 becomes MC1.
The explanation I received from Episode was that it was reader device… to slow to process all the become commands.

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That’s exactly what I feared… thank you so much for replying! I’m a big fan of yours :sunflower:
I’ll remove it then if there’s no use for it. Thanks again for help.

you can use a point system for remembering the natural lip color and then use the previews command whenever you will need it in case the becomes command glitches.

It’s bit more work since you will have long if/elif/else in case you will use all available natural lip colors, but once you will create it you will then just copy-paste it in scenes you will need it.

Thanks for the tip :blush: But I don’t think I’m gonna do this :thinking:

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