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So I’m a new author just looking for help from an experienced author with a template for customizing my character, I’ve tried numerous ones, but they just don’t recognize the codes, and always comes out like 'fem_hair_1 or something like that) does not exist, please, I beg, please somebody share some light on to this dilemma. :sob:

Here are customization templates from @Dara.amarie, read carefully through the instructions and remember to give credit :wink::

THANK YOU :wink:


Please let us know if Dara’s thread helped with the issue you were having. Thanks :smiley:

It slightly helped, i still get pop up messages with warnings.

What are the messages?

This is probably because you didn’t change the character name in Dara’s templates to whoever it is you need to customize in your story.

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If you’re getting errors, it could be due to these reasons:


The label “femlcc_browscolor_111” does not exist. Like what’s that even suppose to mean i get the templates from a legit author.

Whose template are you using?

Dara.Amarie’s I think, I shared them with her above :thinking:

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Did you made some changes to it?

That’s why I asked because Dara’s template doesn’t have the labels femlcc_browscolor_111 :thinking:


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It’s one of my limited cc templates.


You put the template inside of brackets, either a choice or an if/elif/else code. In which case, template have labels and labels cannot be inside of brackets which is why it’s saying all those labels don’t exist.


Could you make an example i don’t think i’m following, like what do i do now?

You cannot have a label inside of an if, elif statement so this would NOT be allowed:

if (orange_juice ) {
label orange_drink

} elif (coffee ) {
label coffee_drink

} else {
label other_drink

Also, you cannot have labels inside of choices either, so this would NOT be allowed:

“Option 1”{
label option_01

}“Option 2”{
label option_02

}“Option 3”{
label option_03


You can have gotos inside of if, elif statements & choices leading to labels OUTSIDE of them.

I hope this makes sense and I wish you good luck! :vampire::black_heart:

I would say remove the brackets, however if that proves to be confusing delete the current template that’s showing you errors as well as the brackets and repaste just the template without any brackets :blossom:

My guess is that you wanted to let the reader pick if they should customize the character or not, right? :thinking:

Yes I wanted the reader to customize the character and thank you.