Customization Coding

Hey there, I’m new to this coding things and I need help .

I’m writing a story and I need help with coding one thing.
I’ve used a customization template and I need to know how to make “portal” remember if someone customized a character or stayed with deafult details. Is there any tricks to make it remember? I tried doing a choice but sadly you can’t use labels in choices. please i need help haha. Lmk if you didn’t understand what I just wrote, I’ll try to explain.

When a reader customizes their character, they stay like that throughout all of the episodes. If you test it on the mobile app, you will see :heart:

Like @JemU776 already said, once the reader customizes the character it will stay that way. You don’t need any branching or something like that to remember the customization. :smile:
I would recommend visiting for more help. She is explaining everything very good!