Customization Differences in Your Own Story VS. Someone Elses

When I want to create my own story there are different customization options on hair, lips, etc. than when I create a character in someone elses story. How come some options I’ve chosen in other people’s stories won’t come up when I want to create my own characters in my own story? Thanks!

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By differences, could it be because one story is INK and one story is LL? Or maybe one story only offers limited CC, so they’ve gotten rid of a few options?

I just mean shouldnt my own story be able to have all the optiona the others do? Like I want my main character to have the long hair flip style but its not an option. thanks though

The type from the featured stories? As far as I know, they’re being rolled out so that users can include them in their stories too

Not all CC templates are the same :slightly_smiling_face:
Some people have limited options, some people have all and some people are missing out on new features : )

For example when I started, my stories had limited CC options because I didn’t know how to add all the choices in lol but after learning by experimentation, I made my own CC templates and tried to put every option available in it.
It’s a lot of work making CC templates and it takes too much time, though :sleeping:

If you want you can manually add that hairstyle in your template (this is what I did recently when I added the new updates into my templates XD) or you could, like a lot of people check out templates made by @ Dara.Amarie here: Dara's Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)

They have every feature and remember to give credit to her if you use.

I wish you good luck! :black_heart:

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but like in the beginning when Im adding my own characters in can I use the template?

You can use her templates for any character that you want so long as you don’t use an ink CC template for Limelight, a CC limelight template for ink or a male CC template for a female CC template and vice versa.

Once you add in the template, you can change the name written in the template to your character’s name by following these steps:

Also, feel free to check out:

*Also, CC stands for Character Customization