Customization errors. Need Help asap

now i am getting this error.

What did you do?:thinking:

For the bottom, do this:

label avatar_end

@zoom reset

&RINNA exits left AND RINNA is walk_neutral_offset

Are you satisfied with the way she looks?


“Yes, she looks perfect.”{

goto start_story

}”Nope, I want a redo.”{

goto avatar_0


label start_story

Now onto the story. Happy reading!


@transition fade in white

readerMessage Bla bla bla

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For the top, do this:

However, you may customize Rinna as you wish otherwise.
Would you like to customize her?


goto avatar_0


goto start_story


label avatar_0

@RINNA enters from left to screen center

@zoom reset

@RINNA starts think

@speechbubble reset

So, what’s your look?

that did not work either but heres my script again

sorry this is a pain. ive been trying to solve it all day

the error is the bottom i think

Try erasing } on the line 670


Hi! I see the error! Remove the } under label start_story
Do exactly what @24aya says ; )


okay that seems to have fixed that one but now i am getting another type

Hehehe😁 I am honoured

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If you’re getting that error, perhaps you have made an error in the character’s name, or made the ones noted above ; )

Also, you only have one customization template in your episode, right?

i used the one from the script menu on the right side and i checked to make sure it said rinna before i hit enter.

Your story is in ink?
Would you like me to just help make you a template? I could PM it to you ^^

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to prevent future issues yes that would be most helpful. i have a male cc coming up in the second episode. i deleted the lines and it fixed everything now :smiley:

All right, so should I send you an ink female customization template for Rinna? Or leave it for now since everything is fixed? :smile:

is it common for the preview to not show the character?? i am previewing and outside of that lack of seeing her, everything looks okay.

i think its okay for now regarding her. but in case its in issue with the particular template perhaps i will need another.

Hmm, that’s weird…maybe refresh your page. Your character should be showing up in the web preview when you test your story- as long as you have the right commands for them to be there and aren’t zoomed into a random area :sweat_smile:

omg lol
i forgot to write her into walking on screen :rofl:
welp, at least i know how to fix that. thanks all!