Customization family problem

When I customize a character it has the option customize his/her family with them.
The Episode Template says where they should stand (the family) but not where to exit.

When I try to make them exit I simply type “@character exits right” but in this way, they kinda pop up on the screen and then exit.

How do I make sure that they will exit and stay ‘invisible’.

Please help :frowning:

Maybe put the family in zone 3?
idk lol.

Are you doing the family members one by one?

The Episode Template already said to put them in zone 4. They are invisible the whole time except when they exit.

Exit left?
I really don’t know sorry… I’m just guessing.

This will still make them visible…

When you do the next scene with the next background, they will go automatically :slightly_smiling_face:


Theres your answer! Lol! (:smile:

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Thank you very much!

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