Customization in a choice?

If I were to allow readers to choose whether or not to customize, with the warning of missing out on special overlay scenes, how would I allow those who choose to customize customize?

Right now in my script I have the choice, and if they choose to customize:
gain CC
With the customization template following it. But an error pops up which says I can’t have labels inside of brackets or if/then statements. Is there any way to let the reader customize only if they choose to?

Thank you so much!

Thank you to @amberose for helping me to find the solution!


Could you send a screenshot of your script?

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You will need to use a label AND a gain.


Do you want to change MC’s looks?
choice “Yes” {
gain CC
goto CC
} “No” {
goto story

label CC

Put your CC template here

label story

Start the story script here


Thank you! I’ll try that out!

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Thank you for the forward :grinning:

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

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Simply put your label before the narrator on line 10!

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It worked! Thanks again :sweat:

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If I do that, then the reader will have to make the choice again, every time they go back to the label in the customization template…
Someone else offered a solution which worked, but thank you for your time!

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@Sydney_H Close this please :v:

No problems :v:

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