Customization & Love Interests

i’m working on an action story currently and i can’t decide on what customization template i should use, full or limited. i am going to be using a lot of arm overlays throughout my story, so i’m planning to make it limited, but i know a lot of readers don’t read stories that doesn’t have full customization. also, i’m choosing between 2 love interests or 3 love interests. the 3 love interests has a lgbtq+ option, but i don’t want my story to become overly complicated of the story plot. please help & share your opinion, i would really appreciate it <3

Limited cc is fine.
Especially since you stated that you’re using arm overlays.
Not everybody’s complains about not having full cc lol.
Some prefer it and some don’t.
& for those who complain.
The logical response would be: don’t read.


You do what you feel is best.
My first story I had CC but honestly I regret it for the overlay factor.
I am not having it in my second story.
If the plot is good I actually dont mind no cc

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