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I want to make a customization menu at the start/end of a chapter, but I also am letting the reader those the gender of the love interest. I want them to only be able to customize the one they chose, and I can’t think of a clean way to do it? Could I have a if then goto or something? Thinking about this makes my head hurt lol

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She has a lot of great script templates. Just make sure to give her credit if you use them.

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I know how to use the templates, it’s more of making sure the reader can only customize the LI they chose rather than forcing them to customize both? If that makes sense?

So you are giving them the chose of LI and you are trying to find a way to customize only the LI the reader chose?

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yes, but in future episodes. they chose the LI in episode 1 and I want them to be able to recustomize, but just the LI they chose

would I make 2 separate menus? or is there a way I could do it within the same menu?

Am I able to do this within a choice? I think they made an update where you can but I’m not 100% sure

you cant have label inside a choice but for sure you can have gain inside a choice

I think we can have labels inside choices now.

hmmm…thanks :smiley: thats new to me. :smiley:

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