Customization of my MC

I am currently writing a story and I love how my MC looks. and there is gonna be a lot of confusion in the story if anyone changes her look, so should I put customization for her or will I get fewer reads if I do


You can say that if you customize there is going to be confusion but if you really want to customize you can

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Ok, Thank you!

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I had the same problem in my story, since I use art scenes
However you can lock sone features so readers can’t change those. You just add [LOCKED] next to the choice

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Ohhh nice I’ll do this

I would say put full CC/ CC because most of the readers prefer stories with customization.

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Its totaly up to you. If the look and ethnicity is really important for the story, you can always offer limited CC, so the crutial features cant be changed but readers still can modifi the character.

Readers love CC, some do not read storiew without it, so the limited CC is good compromise in such case.

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That’s what I’ll do

Thank you

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