Customization Option Error


I’m having trouble with this and I cant seem to fix this…
I wanted to give the reader the option to customize one of the characters. I put the choice yes then inserted the customization template. Can anyone help me with this? Every single label in that customization template has a warning.

Did you put the template in the choice? If so, make another label outside the choice because they don’t work in choices

So you can’t have a label within a choice. You’d need to change it to something like this:

“Yes!” {
@/RYAN enters from left to screen center
goto boy_custom_2

label boy_custom_2
[continue with the rest of your script]

For example do this

choice “Yes”{
goto customization
} “(ur 2nd choice)”{
(Bla bla bla)
goto aftercustomization

label customization
Template goes here.

label aftercustomization

Ohhhh… Thanks!

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Hope we helped lol

I’m having another issue the 2nd Option keeps coming up as an error. I put the choice in front, I delete it, I take one of the {'s out and it says the same thing again and again…

Remove the } in front of choice.

Lol, it worked! I’m so stupid xD Thanks!

No, you’re not stupid, you’re just beginning : )

Everything is always harder when we start but with practice it becomes easier.

If you saw my coding skills when I started, you’d faint in horror XD

Anyways, no problem and good luck! :wink: :black_heart:


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Sorry about asking for help so often but I just realized the “no, he looks fine” option isn’t appearing. It comes up as something he’s saying. What did I do wrong?

Customization%20Error MC2%20Error%20Script MC2%20Error

The problem is that you can’t have the label boy_end_1 in between the choices, they must be right after one another. Try this:

choice “Yes!” {

goto boy_custom_1

} “No, he looks fine” {

goto boy_end_1


label boy_custom_1


label boy_end_1


Ok, Thanks!

Did everything work out? :nerd_face:

Yep! Everything worked out!

Glad to hear :wink:

Solved and closed. :smiley: