Customization or NO customization!

In my story that I’m currently writing I’m stuck. I’m not sure if I want to let the readers customize. Honestly I like the MC being just how imagines her to be, and it kinda bugs me that I wouldn’t be able to make dialogue with features about the MC. Though I feel as if my story won’t get as many reads as it deserves if I don’t do customization. So help me out would you read my story if there was NO customization? Should I do a customization template with little features and things so I would still be able to have dialogue with the MC’s features and it will sort of be like the MC I imagined? Help me out please!!!


I say do what YOU want. But you can do limited customization and the main features be off limits. So they can have options, but you feel you can describe your main features. But that’s my opinion, again do what YOU what. Hope I helped :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s the age old question…
But like @jasminesofia4 said, do what you want. There are plenty of people who don’t even bother with CC when it’s offered anyway. In my opinion, unless you design the story to be a CC story straight off the bat, adding it in will always feel kinda weird to you


Exactly! If you feel that customization will ruin your story don’t add it!

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