Customization or Not

I’m debating whether I want to add customization to my story. A lot of readers enjoy creating their characters. I also enjoy creating characters. I’m not sure what to do. Should I add customization or not?


YESSS Full CC is a must for me to read a story

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Now that I think about it. That’s really the only way I’ll read a story. It’s just that I’m scared my readers will bombard me with adding the coding over and over again. But I think I’ll add it to my story.


Honestly I don’t mind if there is no CC, but if you feel like putting it in, go ahead lol. :ok_hand:


Even if they do, just copy and paste! Trust me its not as hard as people say


Ok. I’ll just have to add it into my second chapter

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I think it depends what kind of genre. Like my story isn’t romance so how they look doesn’t really matter and I envisioned my story for my characters to look a certain way so it’s up to what you think!

It’s all up to you. Personally, I prefer to write and read stories with no CC, since it allows the author to give specific descriptions about certain features and, for me, it makes sure the characters look exactly the way I want them to.

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I prefer stories that allow for cc, but honestly neutral on name changing.

Up to you! :wink:

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Your choice! Don’t feel pressured to use or not use it. I’m not using it in my upcoming story, do what feels right!

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If your characters are very similar to these:


Then yes. Add CC, please.


Well if you dont want to I dont think you should have to. Some stories don’t even need CC, it’s not meant for every story

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