Customization problem?

I can’t see what the error is on line 458. What am I missing?


That often happens when there’s a problem with something else. Are you sure you’re not missing any brackets anywhere and all of the labels are still there (sometimes you might’ve accidentally deleted one)?

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No, I don’t think I’m missing any labels or brackets. At least, not any I can see.

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It might be browsColor? Idk…

Did u make the cc template? If not, I’d say just delete that one and put a new one in. It’s actually easier than hunting for brackets

eyesbrowsColor should be eyebrowsColor

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OK this is weird - the error says

eyesbrowsColor into Black Dark (With an S after eye)

but on line 458 you have eyebrowsColor into Black Dark (without S after eye)

do you have the command for the Black Dark maybe more than one time in the script and the problem is on another line?

push ctrl F

and write eyesbrowsColor

it should bring you to the line with this typo.

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