Customization template isn't working, help please!

What does it say to the left?

You cannot have a label inside if/then statements or {}, and the label “bodycolor_0” does not exist.

First check for this.

Or screenshot the script and I can check for you.

Is it because of the # Avatar - Female { thing?

Nope. Have you got an if/else statement anywhere?

Not that I know of or seen.

Weird. Can you print screen the whole script so I can try to find the error?

Like, take a video?

On your keyboard, press print screen and paste it into the chat.


Read this:

You can’t put the template inside of a choice or an if/elif/else statement. Here’s an example:


if (original){
#whole CC template here
} else {


if (original){
goto avatar_0
} else {

label avatar_0
#cc template goes here
goto main_story

label main_story
#continue story here

Thank you both, @JemU776 and @LaurelleE27!

No problem, just remember you can have a goto in a choice and an if/elif/else statement but never a label. That’s why you were getting that error.

That makes a lot more sense, thank you!

Also, you’re in the wrong category, you have this thread in:

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When it should be in:

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I recommend checking out the Forums Tutorial: Official Tutorial/How-To for the Forums (V2) so you understand how the Forums work : )

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