Customization Templetes?

it keeps saying every choice doesn’t exists and that my labels don’t exist. What did I do wrong ?

You need to create a character named YOU or change the name, also a lot of labels are missing and goto’s. What are you trying to do? Just give an option to change the hair?

yes i only want to have them change the hair and it’s color

I will send you the template when I come back home, but you need to place your character on the screen as well. Are you creating a character named YOU? Or you using different name?

okay thank you, and yes I do have a character named YOU. that’s the default name i used in the customization template

You can change the name it doesn’t have to be YOU. On the screenshot from your story, there’s only one character available (LOLA)

i made a character named you and that hair issue went away. It’s just the labels that i’m having issues with.