Customization Trouble

OOHMYGOOD, so basically i’m making a new story and I want the character to be able to customize themselves because like I want them to? Anyways it’s so friggin hard for me cause i’m not smart heh, but yeah like can you guys help me? Also how do I make the customization they do like stay for the rest of the story? Like i’m super confused on that soo please help me!!

love, me who needs a lot of help rn

Once the person is done with customisation the character won’t change


i believe there is a template within the writers portal that you could use to start off, otherwise other writers on instagram have templates which you could use but you’d have to credit them. if i can find one for you, i’ll send you a link to it x <<<
there are a few templates on there if you needed help with the coding of it x

Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight) or there is that which has all styles and probably more advice than i could ever give you x

in other chapters to??

thank you this was useful!

Yes it continues onto each episode

no problem, the customisations are consistent throughout the episodes. it shouldn’t reset them at all x

Okay tyy