Customization without going to default outfit

I need help!! I first did a dressing game and then typed in a customization makeup and hair template everything went great BUT I changed the scene after so when the character comes into the next scene it goes to her default outfit. How do I keep readers keep their customization options without it going back to default outfit.

for example is this in the next scene because I can’t put a specific outfit if I don’t know what the reader chose:

@CHARACTER enters from right to screen center

It goes right to default outfit.

If you put gains in each of the outfit options, then you can put if/elif/else in the next scene

I am a new writer, I have no clue what that is. Help? :crazy_face:

Once you chose and won’t change it, the character will stay in the outfit from the dressing game, don’t worry. It’s because you probably jumping from scene to scene. Test it on your phone to see that everything is working properly :slight_smile:

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That’s what I thought, but at the moment Episode is trying to figure out why my episode app writers preview keep force closing the app so at the moment I can’t preview it on my phone. When they restore my account I will check if it comes out okay

you can check on the web preview too (if it’s in the same episode) just play it from the start

That’s what I’ve been doing but the character goes to her default outfit

Did you play it from the dressing game?

Actually I started it from the beginning and it didn’t go to her default this time. Maybe It went to the default outfit before because i didn’t play it front he beginning.

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