Customization: Yes or No?

Hey everyone!

So I’m back after a year…ehehe and I have a standard question.
I’m planning on writing a zombie themed story and I was wondering if in general, you would enjoy it more if I added customization.
I was planning on letting you choose male or female, body type, pronouns and clothing style, but that is a lot of extra coding and I wanted to make sure it would be worth while.

ALSO, for the people who do not which to change the character or choose anything like that I would add a skip option where it sets to defaults. [female character, probably goth style, the og body type and they/them pronouns]
So what do you think?

Here’s a poll, and feel free to comment any thoughts below, thank you :relaxed:

  • YES, Full Customization (as described)
  • NO, not worth it tbh

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Honestly in my opinion when you choose full customization like pronouns etc it takes away from the originality and character of the story


i completely agree with the reply above me !!

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Yes I agree

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I enjoy coding and love making it a challenge, but it depends. For some stories with many choices, the reader IS the main character and they are paving their own path( these stories have many endings). In other stories when the reader is reading about someone else’s story, certain features should be locked.


I agree!