Customize Character Name Narration/Dialogue coding?

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So, I’m sure the title is already pretty self explanatory, but I’ve seen authors use the “What’s your name” when customizing, but my question is how do you remember what the reader typed in as their name? –More specifically what’s the code to make that character narrate but with the name they customized, and other characters mentioning their customized name?
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People like @Dara.Amarie, @JemU776, @Vividly, @anon6748744, @Matawrites or @Farah_DeSantis would be best to help with these sort of questions (they’re a few of the best coders I know on here) (:


Here’s a guide that shows you how to do that:


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My question has been answered, please close this @Sydney_H :hugs:

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Your welcome, happy to be of help (:

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