Customize character's family after using new Avatar customizer ? (LIMELIGHT)

Hi!! Is there a way to save the filters chose by the user in the avatar customizer in order to, for example, change the body color of the character’s family?


Do you mean so the MC still looks like their family?

Yes. For example, if the user chooses dark body color for the main character, I want the main character’s mother and sister to also change to dark body color.
I know this can be achieved with the old options for character customizations (button options)… But I wanted to know if there’s a way of saving the body filter options when the new avatar customizer is used.

Ok, so to make the parents and sister look like the MC after customizing you have to write in this:
@CHARACTERS changes face into (name of face)
@CHARACTER changes brow into (name of brows)
@CHARACTER changes hair into (name of hair)
@CHARACTER changes eyes into (name of eyes)
And so on with everything you want to change.
Example(the MC name is AMELIA and her sisters name is CHARLOTTE) After the reader customized the MC and you don’t want the reader to customize her family this is the code to make the sister or mom look like her without customizing them:
@CHARLOTTE changes eyes into Deeo Set False Lashes Smokey Eyes
@CHARLOTTE changes hair into Long Curls
@CHARLOTTE changes face into Diamond
And so on…
Unfortunately this code works only with the same gender. So if the MC is a girl this code could work for her mom and sisters, but not for the father. I don’t have to code to make the opposite gender look like the MC but @Dara.Amarie does on her page. Hope this helped.
Sorry @CHARLOTTE I didn’t mean to tag you ahaha:)


To code male characters to look like females you have to customise the males at the same time I think you use this template:

Then after customise what you want like this:

Leaving out the becomes command