Customize Characters in a Choice

Hello you guys! I definitely need some help. I want to have a choice to customize my character or not. But whenever I do, it says you can not have a label inside if/then statements {} So I’m really stuck.

Maybe try this? It’s an example but you can change anything you like

Do you want to customize?


goto customize_character

} “No” {

goto onto_story


label customize_character

#insert CC template here

goto onto_story


label onto_story

#insert rest of story here

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Okay I’ll give it a shot!

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Hey! It isn’t working because if I use this method, When you play the story from the beginning, it will skip to the label onto_story. Here is how I have my code set up.

label customize_MC

big long customization template here

goto onto_story

story continues

“Option 1”{ In this option, you go home and change your hair and makeup.
label onto_story
“Option 2”{ In this option, you don’t go home but you still change hair and makeup
goto customize_MC

label onto_story

Wait which part you’re having issues with?

Well, it works to go back to the customization template, but when you play the story from the begginning, it jumps to the label, onto_story

Do you have a screenshot of your script?

yes, I’ll send you the pictures

This is a picture of the template and the label customize_character

This is the same template I use at the beginning of the story for the initial customization

This is a picture of the goto onto_story label


This is the picture of the label onto story in the first option,

The customization happens after other dialogue


This is a picture of the second choice

There is other dialogue before the customization

Alright, I’m going to look at all the pics but could you please tell me which picture is the one you’re having the issue with?

The issue encompasses all the pictures… If that makes any sense. Sorry for so many pics. I have so many because the template is at the beginning of my story, and the two separate choices are at the end.

No worries, so your issue is, when you finish the CC, it goes back to the CC or it goes somewhere else?

Here… It’s hard to describe… Let me put it a different way:

So imagine we have the character Beckey. At the start of the story the reader gets to customize Beckey. Then you play the story as normal. Then later, Beckey’s boyfriend, Joe shows up and asks Beckey on a date, the reader has the option to go with joe, or not. If you go with Joe, you recustomize your hair and lip. If you do not go with joe, me the author forces you to. So you still have to customize hair and lip.

The problem is, when the reader gets to customize Beckey for the very first time, the go to command takes the reader to the part of the story when you customize for your date… Sorry for the lengthy and confusing explanation. :smile:

Ohh okay! Nono, I understand where you’re going, for the part with the “Date Hair + Lip” you used the same label onto_story, as said in your error warning box, it says you used a duplicate, change that label name into something else and your goto for that certain part of the story

For example: The first time CC would be goto onto_story but maybe for the second CC (date) use a different name like goto onto_date or something

Okay, it would look something like this?

Story intro here… And we meet Beckey.
label customize character
Template here: Now we customize Beckey… but add the goto’s
goto onto_story
goto onto_date

Story continues…

choice go on date?

yes! { goto customize character …label onto_date}

no! ( goto customize character …label onto_story}

I think so xD If it still looks wrong, feel free to PM me your entire script and I can do a look through of it

Okay, Thank you so much! I’m sorry for the hassle!

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