Customize Mc and Mc family

I really need help in trying to make it where my readers can customize the MC in my story. The MC is a female so the template that I’m using causes the mother to look just like the MC but her father has female features and no matter what I do I can’t fix it can someone help me.

When you want to customise a family member only eye colour, hair colour (if you don’t want it to be grey) and skin tone matters. :slight_smile: So what you have to do is create the characters like you normally do, and in the template only change the mother’s / father’s features when the protagonist changes eye colour, skin tone and hair colour :slight_smile:

I did that part but I’m not sure if I did this part correctly

@VIOLET changes face into Oval

@VIOLET changes mouthColor into Plum

@VIOLET changes hair into Dancer Bun


@SAMUEL changes eyebrows into Thick Arch

@SAMUEL changes face into Chiseled Square

@SAMUEL changes eyes into Classic Round

@SAMUEL changes mouth into Classic

@SAMUEL changes nose into Button


@LARENZO changes eyebrows into Medium Sharp

@LARENZO changes face into Defined Triangle

@LARENZO changes eyes into

If your character is a female, you can’t use “becomes CHARACTER” for male family members. You will need to add them to the script template.

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How can I do that

Thank you

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