Customize options!

I want to give my readers the option (when it to customizing their character) to use character I created or there profile character how would I do that or does anyone have a template?

It help for profile character but not for my created I created to stay

he talks about how to give the readers the option to be able to use the profile avatar

Ik I gt that part but how I do I get them a choice to use the character I created

Would you like to use CC?

goto CC
goto start_story

You’ll just need to add the CC template and other label

I recommend using a CC template because the avatar preview thingy doesn’t have all the features and people will want that

I don’t think ur understanding I’m not allowing customizing at all I want to give them the choice of use my main character as I created them with no customizing options or their profile character but I can’t figure out how to put MC into a choice

Using the profile avatar is basically the same as Cc but okay

The reader is automatically playing the MC, you can give the option to customize your MC, or not, if not they will play the MC as how you created her/him

So for example:


“Customize MC”{

Goto customization

“She is already perfect”{

Goto start_the_story

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