Customized Character Help?

How do people get to customize their other characters? like let the readers name them and things of that?

Can someone walk me through it please? I am new so :frowning:

this thread should help you with customizing characters (copy and paste the templates into your story):

and this thread should help you with letting the reader choose their own name:

(i’m not taking credit for them, they weren’t made by me, i just think they’re both incredibly helpful and want to share them with you! they’re both made by Dara Amarie)

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I have one for creating the main character, but like their love interest i was wondering if there was a way that the reader could customize them as well as the love interests name?

thank you!

Yes, just use a male CC template

What do i make his name?

Like for when your customizing the main character its YOU & the display name is NAME?

I’ve never done this so im a little like new :frowning:

input What do you want your love interest’s name to be? | What do you want your love interest’s name to be? | Done (LOVEINTEREST)

(or something like that)

when i make the male, like by going to characters on the writers portal, what do i name him? & what is his display name?

I would do a male cc layout that episode provides themselves but i dont want him to become the main character… so im a little nervous

you can let the reader customize any character you want, even if they aren’t the same character. the episode templates for character creation makes it so you can only customize two characters of opposite genders, but if you use dara’s templates that i linked above, you can let the reader customize as much as characters as they want.

^ is that what you mean?

No no, i mean like this


I’m VERY new to customizing characters, and i want this to look well for my story, so im definitely like, trying to learn how to make a male customization available, and how to code it when i need it :slight_smile:
thank you for your help though and trying to better help me

you can make a character called “LOVEINTEREST” and whenever he shows up, use @LOVEINTEREST in your script. like you did with the main character, change the display name to whatever you put the input as.

if you used this: input What do you want your love interest’s name to be? | What do you want your love interest’s name to be? | Done (LOVEINTEREST), then you would set the love interest’s display name as LOVEINTEREST. i’m not too good at explaining but i hope this kind of answers your question? basically just do whatever you did for the main character

Oh geez, I kind of understand, kind of don’t since i used episodes template, BUT i will go ahead and make him a LOVEINTEREST & see where that takes me, since I have


the male won’t become a leading part, correct? :frowning:

oh, i’m so sorry, i didn’t know you were talking about that specific feature! are you writing in episode spotlight or normal display?

Normal display! :slight_smile:

oh, okay. that makes this a lot easier to explain then

the main character feature is only for spotlight. if you’re writing in normal display, then this won’t bother you at all. when spotlight came out for ink/limelight, many people were confused with this. a mod or admin on here said that it’s for spotlight stories, so you don’t need to worry about it if you’re on normal display. you can just leave it as it is

Oh, okay.

Thank you! :slight_smile: that is good to know :slight_smile: i was hoping it would go for my story but like the Main Character option but i guess it will just be obvious lol.

if you want your readers to know who the main character is, at the beginning of the story you can tell them with a quick message!

if you need any more help, you can ask me or other people on the forums, they’re probably more helpful than me lol :joy: good luck on your story!

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Thank you! :slight_smile: currrently dealing with writers block BUT this was helpful :slight_smile:

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@Jeremy thank you!!! :slight_smile: I appreciate it a lot.

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