Customized Name

I want to make a flashback so there’s a younger version but how would i insert the name they chose for the younger character because I can’t just do YOUNGER YOU right?

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You could create a duplicate character that could have the script name YOUNGERMC or something like that, and the display name can be YOU. The name that is displayed should show up as whatever the reader entered. I’m not sure if you can put YOUNGER [NAME] on the speechbubble though. If you want “younger” to be on top of the bubble you’d just have to use YOUNGER YOU

ok so like this?


Yep! :smiley:
Also: If you want to make it look like the MC, use @YOUNGERMC becomes YOU and then just change certain aspects of the younger MC. For example:

@YOUNGERMC changes hair into Double Bun Updo
And so on :smiley:

So what if I want the customized name the reader inserted instead of YOU?

Change the display name exactly what the mc’s display name is

So if they customized the name should I just leave it with YOUNGER YOU? Because ‘YOU’ would be the name the reader customized for the mc

Could I put for the display name YOUNG [NAME]?

That wouldn’t work. If you want the name the reader chose, the display name of younger character would have to be the same display name as the main character.

The display name for my MC is YOU so would the younger versions display name have to be YOU too?


Ok! Thank you :slight_smile: