Customized overlays

Does anyone here make overlays? I’m in need of a bruised torso overlay

Do you have the torso? I can add the bruises for you or just send you brusies

I haven’t taken a screenshot of the body, but can you send them?

I will find them now and send them

Yay haha, thank you so much

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These are what I found will you be able to take Tell back off and crop them or do u need me to do that?


Oh, yeah can you do that for me, please? I’m not sure how that works?

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I sure can… I’m about to drive so it will have to be when I get home…

No, don’t worry. Take your time


Make sure you click on each picture in order to save it

I’m Gonna redo the top one

Thank you so much. These are awesome

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Your welcome… anything else you need just pm me… I do covers, splashes, character edits… background background edits and overlays