Customizing characters at start of story

Hello loves, how do you do the customizing for the characters at the start of the story?

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Here you go -
Everyone uses Dara Amarie’s customization template for their stories. So you’ll just need to click on the one you need.

For example, if you need a female customization template, it’s this one -

And for male customization -

Instructions on how to use the templates will be given right next to the code.
But in case you didn’t find the instructions :
For males -

For females -

Hope this helped! :heart:

thank you, i just had a look, do you know if there is a way to change the name quicker or do i have to go through those 2000 lines?

Yes, there is a way to change it quicker. It’s given in the instructions. You’ll have to highlight the name with your mouse, then if you’re on windows, click CTRL + F and if you’re on Mac, click CMD + F. A Grey box will pop up and click on ALL. Then type in your character’s name and it will change for all. If you had to go through all the 2000 lines, it would take way too long, so don’t worry :joy: You can refer the instructions near the template on her site, to make it clearer.

I tried that it didn’t work it just went to the bottom where i did some script already with that girls name

Oh that’s odd. There’s another way to add customization template.

  1. Go to the chapter of your story which you want the customization template in. Click on ‘script templates’ under the library thing.

  2. When you click on that, you will get options like this. If you scroll, you can find options for male customization as well.

  3. Click on one of them and click ‘add to script’

  4. You can now choose which character the customization template is for and then add it to your script.

Hope this helps! :heart:

Ok, well I was just doing it by hand for the past 30 min and finally finished I will try that with the next one, I’m not bothered now hahah. Thank you!! xx

Oh I’m really sorry you had to do it by hand. I’m glad the problem is solved though!
And you’re welcome, don’t worry about it! :heart:

Ohh don’t worry it was alg but there is a problem with it and I don’t know what to do

you haven’t changed FEMALEAVATAR to your character’s name yet in line 14

Yep. The error will show up on the side. So when an error shows up, you can click on it and see what the problem is. But sometimes errors aren’t accurate haha :joy: so anyways, that’s why there’s an error.

You’ll need to change this.

you use templates which is coding already done for you but you only need to change the characters :heart:

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Ohh hahah thank you

Ohh lmao thanks x