Customizing Characters in Limelight (Seven EASY steps)

Edit: Hello again, my lovely readers! Before you guys read this you REALLY need to check out @Dara.Amarie 's templates! She was the original creator of these and has updated them since. PLEASE give her credit by doing what she has suggested in the first comment. You can find her templates here: Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight) . Everyone PLEASE PLEASE use her templates. Dara, deepest apologies. You should always give people credit for their own work!

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Hello, my lovely readers! I have a very important trip to share with all of you that has to do with limelight character customization. No, this does not include a template because there is already one available to you at all times for any gender! Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find the template and insert it into your script with ease. This is much easier than simply copying a pasting a pre-made template.

Before inserting your script, make sure that you add something along the lines of:
So, what’s your look?

Step One: Open up your desired script and select the line that you wish to put the script on.
Step Two: In the right-most section where it says, Library, click on “Script Templates”
Step Three: Depending on the gender of the character, either select Avatar - Limelight Female1 or Avatar - Limelight Male1
Step Four: After getting the pop-up that comes with clicking the template, scroll down and select the word Add
Step Five: In your script, there will be a double-sided arrow contained in a bold black box, click that.
Step Six: On your keyboard, hold control and press F at the same time. A box will appear at the top right of your script. In that box, type in LIGHTMALEAVATAR or LIGHTFEMALEAVATAR. Again, this depends on the gender of your character. After doing this, go back to the box in the top right of your script and click the button that says All
Step Seven: Click on one of the highlighted LIGHTMALEAVATAR or LIGHTFEMALEAVATAR. Delete the highlighted word and replace it with your character’s name.

That’s it! Seven easy steps and now your reader can customize any of your characters! Repeat this process for any character that you want to customize. Just remember that you have to choose different templates depending on the gender of your character.

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Also, if you are going to use these templates PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remove the hashtag at the very end of the template to give me credit. Thank you!

But for now you should still use THESE TEMPLATES instead. Episode used an older version of my templates which contain a slight labeling error. I have contacted Episode to let them know about the fix so they can update those script templates with my fixed completed version. Still waiting for a reply.

OMG I had no idea! I will add an edit to the very top of the article letting everyone know to use your templates!

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