Customizing Main Character's Name: Not Working!


What’s the error?


The script doesn’t show the typing bracket and just says “Autobot is such a pretty name!” It just skips the option of a name completely!


I think I know the problem… (apologies if this is incorrect, I don’t have much experience with first name inputs)

Insead of…

if (NAME is “”) {


if (NAME is “[INSERT MC NAME HERE]” (for example, “YOU”)


Typed in choices do not show on the web previewer. You will need to test your story in the app for this.


OOOOOOOOOH! Thank you!




Oh no you should leave that part the way it is. That part is for if the reader doesn’t type in a name or leave it blank, then it will take them back so that they do type in a name.


Is there anything wrong with this ? Screenshot_8
it is acting like it is on the episode


It should be Done (So cute!)
Use parentheses.


If you want to say “So cute!” once they type in the name, you’ll need to use a narrator dialogue. That part of the code should be the answer for what they typed in. Refer to this thread: A Guide to Typed-in Choices

input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (ANSWER)

So cute!


It comes up blank when i use it when i preview Screenshot_9 but this is right ?


“Cute name” needs to be dialogue. Remove it from that code. That part is for the answer only when you want to refer to whatever the reader typed in.


Oh so i can leave it blank and only like this () ?


No, do it just like I did in the example from above.

Take a look and read through the link I posted.


Okay thanks


Omg sorry, AGAIN but um it comes up with error Screenshot_10 dont mind line number 3 LOL


Remove the spaces between the parentheses and “ANSWER”. Also, I used “ANSWER” as just an example. You can change it to NAME since that’s what most people use to refer to the name.

Completely remove line 3.

Dialogue should always be under the character name or narrator.

Dialogue here.


Thanks so much ! Just one more thing, im so sorry again but

is this right ? i pressed preview and it still comes up as so cute


The web previewer doesn’t show typed in codes. If you want to test that part out, you’ll have to test your story in the app


Okay, Thank you so much, i appreciate it