Customizing the Main Character

When we are starting a new story and “CREATING CHARACTERS” there’s the option down below as to make the character the MAIN character.

If we want the readers to be able to play as MALE or FEMALE do we have to create two separate avatars for that?


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The “Main” thing only really applies to Spotlight and Text format (“Main” appears on… I think the left…), if you’re going to be using Cinematic (full-body) the entire time, it doesn’t really do anything.

Sadly, if you want your readers to choose between male and female MC, you’ll have to write two different versions of each episode, because a single avatar can’t “switch” between male and female. :frowning_face:

A guide to choosing MC gender in case you need it:

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Thank you Sapphire :slight_smile:
I know it is a little tedious that we have to write two separate scripts for two characters.

But the character creation part was the main thing I wasn’t sure about. THank you

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Ah, good, just making sure you’re prepared hehe. :slight_smile:

Glad to help! :+1:

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LOL yeah! I appreciate the heads up. I have a new found appreciation for these app writers now that I know how much detail goes into all of this! :0