Cut Overlays from background please

Hi can someone please cut overlays of the desk and chairs from this background for me. I am having a hard time finding a shop that does them. Thank you so much.


Just a suggestion, but based on the quality of the picture, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a copyrighted image. It’s always safest to go with good-quality royalty free images from free image sites.

Im confused as to what you mean. Is this one better?

What I mean is, there are a lot of images all over the internet that are actually copyrighted (which means legally you wouldn’t be able to use them unless you got permission from the copyright holder) and in most cases, it’s near impossible to track down. I always recommend royalty free sites that post free images without copyright such as Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash and whatnot because you can legally use the images on those sites for free and without credit (they’re typically also good quality/clear too) because if you use a copyrighted image and upload it to the portal and press the box that confirms it’s your image and you have permission, you’re subjecting yourself to the potential to get into legal trouble if the copyright holder ever found out or chose to pursue you. It’s generally unlikely, but still better to eliminate that chance altogether.

If you want to pay for images to use, then I recommend sites like Adobe Stock where you can obtain a license to use them. I hope I explained all of that okay…

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To add to what @schittwriter said, if you found these images through google, you shouldn’t use them.

A few free websites that are royalty-free (or free to use) that you don’t have to pay for:
^^^These sites have millions of free images that are great quality, too.
Stay away from places like google, bing, and pinterest. It’s impossible to know whether an image is free use or if it’s copyrighted because they’ve been shared and saved from various places that may or may not be from the original artist.

If you still need help, and you find an image from one of these sites, Personal Message it to me and I will be more than happy to make some overlays for you.

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