Cut scene to end of emotion


Hiya, I’m new to Episode and I’m having trouble trying to add a scene into my script where a character will do something silly and the person next to them will do the shush or flirt_fingersnap animation, and the camera will cut directly to the end of that animation while missing them actually doing it?

It’s in a lot of really popular stories and a thread similar was the “Freeze Frames with emotions” but they never actually answered how to script the scene. Is it a zoom effect?

Please help!

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Usually, they take a photo of the characters while they’re in the pose and use a program for editing photos to put the two together.


So you got two ways:


Thank you! I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:


So i get how you do this but what if I want it to have the same outfit that the character chose for the MC


You could already place the character off screen with the original choice and then simply change the outfit as well, just like how you did with the original one. And then just use the @/delete command for the duplicate when you are done!

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