@cut to zone not working

my background its a 3 zoned one. it automatically reviews it in zone 3 and i want it in zone 1. i type in @cut to zone 1 but it’s still reviews in zone 3. it doesn’t show me any errors.

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Maybe try refreshing your page?

tried it. still the same :confused:

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Can you send me a screenshot of your script?

the second image is the end of the scene. in the previewer it’s zone 3

You have the @cut to zone 3 at the very beginning (right under the background name). Replace it with @cut to zone 1

If you want zone 1 to automatically be the first scene you don’t have to put anything. Then if you need to cut or pan to another scene just put @pan to zone or @cut to zone
Hope this helps.

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i tried everything. still nothing. i will probably just submit a support ticket.

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That’s probably the best thing to do at this point. Have you tried rebooting your computer?


yeah tried that still nothing

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