Cutting out characters help

Hey! I cut out my characters and they’re sometimes left with a white line around them. I normally use Ibis Paint X or Magic Erased but is there any advice or better apps to avoid the white line around the character please?

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If the character is in the foreground of what you are trying to cut them out of then Remove Background from Image – should work!


do you mean editing stuff?

Thank you! But I just tried it and it still left a white line around even though the character was the only thing in the image ):

Yes like just making a character an overlay so with a transparent background so I can put it onto other backgrounds.

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try using picsart

I usually use procreate (but it isn’t free and I have to do it manually), but I think that picsart has a feature for that

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Thank you! I’ll try it out <3

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PicsArt’s feature doesn’t work well and leaves a line around the person too.

Yeah Picsart doesn’t work too well for it /:

Do you screenshot the characters from the preview tab on the writer portal?

No, from the app preview. But the one that was really bad was from the writer’s portal preview so that was probably part of the problem.

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You can just upload and code the background along with the character then. You wouldn’t have to do the cutting part this way

Ooh that’s smart thank you!

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No worries :two_hearts:

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